Phelan Caswell Insurances Ltd (PCI), formally BHP Insurances Ltd, was founded in 1998 with a commitment to be a leading provider of Insurance and Financial Planning services.

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A Pension is the money that will replace your salary when you stop working. 

It is a long term savings plan with valuable tax reliefs. The retirement age that applies will depend on the pension plan you have.

The valuable tax benefits include up to 40% tax relief on contributions, tax-free growth and a tax-free lump sum at retirement.

Pensions are such an important part of a financial plan. Planning for retirement is often put on the long finger, one of the biggest mistakes people make with their finances. It is never too early or too late to take control of your retirement planning. 

At Phelan Caswell Insurances, we design the Pension Plan to suit your requirements, and with our “Retirement Planning Service” we take you step by step through every aspect of your retirement, from building up your fund to helping you ensure it lasts for your retirement, while maximising the tax advantages along the way.