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Whether you are arranging a small exhibition or a large music festival, you must have the appropriate insurance in place to ensure you are adequately protected. We aim to provide insurance for every type of event; awards, concerts, ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions. We understand that no two events are the same, so we work hard to create a bespoke policy to suit your needs. Phelan Caswell Insurances have over 30 years of expertise in the Festival and Event insurance sector, so speak to us about the type of event you are organising. Our expert team will assist you in arranging the appropriate cover.

Typical covers required by Festival and Event Management/Organisers include:

Cover Available:

  • Public & Products Liability 
  • Employers Liability 
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Property Cover 
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Cancellation and Abandonment Cover

Public Liability
The main concern for Festival and Events are slips/trips and falls to attendees – Liability insurance protects you against financial loss if your actions, your negligence or the condition of your property is found to cause a person to be injured or killed, or a person’s property to be damaged or destroyed

Product liability
Businesses that supply, deliver or sell goods, may need cover against claims of goods causing damage, injury or death. Product liability cover protects you if any of these events happen to another person or business by the failure of a product you are selling.

Employers Liability
This covers you if an employee has an accident or is injured at work and decides to claim against you

Property Cover
This can cover almost anything from furniture to audio visual equipment and marquees – even money.

Key features include:

  1. Covers event property owned, borrowed or hired for the event
  2. Includes transit to, from and whilst at the event, including loading and unloading
  3. Terrorism cover available
  4. Continuing hire charges cover for hired equipment
  5. We check all contractors and concession holders insurance cover and ensure indemnity is provided. 

Motor Insurance
Cover for private cars, commercial vehicles and special type vehicles.

Cancellation and Abandonment 
A policy can be arranged to cover a loss in the event of a Non-Appearance, Terrorist attacks, Adverse Weather, National Catastrophes. Cover benefits are available for the following 

  • Gross Revenue
    Revenue from ticket sales, participation fees, sponsorship revenue and advertising revenue
  • Costs and Expenses
    Irrecoverable costs and expenses that have been incurred
  • Additional Expenses
    Costs and expenses incurred to reduce or prevent a cancellation, interruption or postponement that appears likely to occur
  • Extra Expenses
    Incurred if tickets need to be refunded or due to failure to vacate the venue on time
  • Public Relations Expenses
    Fees paid to a public relations firm for event branding protection consequent upon a cancellation or abandonment
  • Loss of money
    At the event location or while in transit to and from the bank